Thursday, January 31, 2013

A (kind of) new chapter - moving to Cape Town

Camps Bay, CT

It rained twice in the five glorious weeks that constituted my introduction to Cape Town – the day I arrived and the day I left.

It has been almost two years since I left that beautiful city - a sufficient amount of time to erode the crispness of fresh memory.

When I think of those sweet weeks of growth and exploration, Cape Town feels like a reverie of something akin to warm light. I remember sunrises and the sensation a plethora of small pistons igniting my mind and spirit.

Fish Hoek

Now I’m moving there. Sitting in the Frankfurt airport, I keep checking my passport. Page 14 displays a study visa that will allow me to live as a student in South Africa.

I’m headed first to Malawi where I lived last year. I will then travel overland to South Africa with my dear friend Andrea.

Stay tuned!

Penguins, Boulder's Bay

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