Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Rotary Host Family - The Matzdorffs

I am incredibly privileged to have been placed with a wonderful host counsellor and host Rotary Club here. Everyone teems with authenticity and the vibe is always warm, inviting and (oftentimes) quirky.

I couldn’t be luckier with my host counsellor. Terence is incredibly engaged, interesting and interested man. His family has opened up their home to me. Terence, his wife Connie and daughters, Michelle and Nicole have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed and comfortable.

The Matzdorff's + Chrissy, last year's scholar & me
Terence and Nicole

Connie being a silly rockstar in my pink
sunglasses to match her shoes!

Michelle - on the way back from lunch

Through the time I have spent with their family, I have had the privilege to learn about bits of South African history, culture and perspectives through their personal journeys. It has been a very humbling, enriching and eye-opening start to my year in South Africa. 

They also happen to have a wonderful library of books and unbounded supply of silliness. On occasions when I’ve been upset, they have offered silent compassion and acceptance coupled with warm beverages and tissues for my tears.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I've spent chatting, laughing and eating with them. I continue to be floored by my luck, the generosity of Rotarians and the way that South Africans have opened their country and homes to me.

Me and Toffee

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